Dinner Menu


Spiced red lentil with cilantro*
Swiss chard & lentil*
Lima bean with lemon & parsley*
Portuguese kale & potato*
Chilled zucchini with lemon & herbs*


Organic tossed*
Marinated tofu with Chinese cabbage*
Arugula & radish*
Caesar’s wife with croutons and onion*


Vietnamese Summer Rolls with coconut peanut sauce*
Jamaican jerk “chicken,” tofu, and seitan with coconut rice*
Spicy Thai “chicken” with basmati rice, avocado and pineapple*
Mole “chicken” with rice & beans, avocado, and tortillas*

Ethiopian Injera Dinner*(Wed., Thurs., & Fri. night only)


Chocolate “devastation” cake*
Vegan hot fudge sundae*
Chocolate silk pudding with sliced toasted almonds*
Brown rice pudding with apricots and pistachios*
Bourbon vanilla ice cream*
Blueberry pie*
Hot fudge sundae

We have a wide variety of sodas, bottled water, and juices as well as coffee and tea. Beer & wine are also served. Take out is available. Cash, credit cards (except American Express), and personal checks accepted. Please note that our menu is seasonal. The menus listed here may differ slightly from the actual menu in the restaurant at any given time. Not all menu items are available at all times. Be prepared for pleasant surprises.
* indicates vegan