Our menus are seasonal in nature, based upon what’s growing in our garden (if we haven’t had a killing frost), what’s available in the market, and what we think our diners will enjoy.

  • Organic – we purchase the best organic produce available.
  • Seasonal – More soups in winter; more salads and cold soups in summer

  • Ethnic – Our menu diversity is renowned
  • Changing – We always have certain favorites, but you can always expect a pleasant surprise. Although you may come in thinking something is on the menu and it’s off…..we could have run out 5 minutes ago….we could have ordered the ingredients and not enough was sent….we hope that if we are out of your favorite that evening that you will try something else.  We’re sure we can help you find something that you will enjoy.

Check out the links above for lunch, dinner, and brunch.  And take a look at our wine list.